SERVICES : Mountain Lion Hunts

Because our business is small, we book only one hunter at a time, allowing us to focus exclusively on your hunt. You will travel comfortably through snow country in a 4 door, heated UTV with snow tracks, looking for Lion tracks, then follow the hounds on foot or snowshoes once a fresh track is found. This extremely fun and exhilarating hunt could be the most challenging and rewarding that you may ever go on. We urge you to come join us in the snow and follow the hounds through the Colorado winter landscape. With diligent work, we can get a Lion in a tree!

Please call us soon to inquire about a hunt. Hunts run from approx. Nov. 19th  - Dec. 31   

Jeff Gossage: (719) 480-9488

Dan Wescott:  (719) 588-7376

Outfitter License # 3183


Hunt cost: $6,000.00

Days of hunting: 6 days

Meals & Lodging included, seven night max stay, which includes a comfortable winter camp and three meals/day.


Additional friend or family member is an additional $75.00/night. If you do not choose our lodging, but want to bring one friend or family member, it is $50./day, lunch included


Lodging is also available in Walden, CO, twenty miles from the hunting area - we have a list of motels if you need one.